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New Jersey AniMeals- a qualified 501(c)3 Charitable Organization 

AniMeals delivers food and litter to pet owners in need. We strive to keep cats & dogs at home with the people who love them.

We believe in the human-animal bond and the priceless benefit of companion animals.   More>>

We provide dry and wet  food to our families with dogs.  More>>

We provide dry and wet food as well as litter to our households with cats.  More>>

Volunteer Opportunities

Learn About all volunteer opportunities or Download the Volunteer Application>>

Warren County

With half of our clients residing in Warren County, we are striving to establish a local base of support and volunteers there.  We now have a new drop off location, so we are seeking volunteers to pick-up donations in Warren County once or twice per month and deliver them to the storage facility.  We are also looking for local drivers to make deliveries.  Please Contact Us for details!

Hunterdon County

We are also looking for volunteers to pick-up donations in Hunterdon County about once or twice per month and deliver to the depot in the Stanton section of Readington Township.  Please Contact Us for more information or to sign up.

Please email your completed volunteer application to or mail to P.O. Box32, Stanton, NJ, 08885

Our Thanks to H&R Block In Lebanon, NJ 

New Jersey AniMeals thanks H&R Block of Lebanon, NJ for their generous support of our organization!  More>>

Donation Drop Off Locations


Click Here for a list of drop off locations for food or litter.


Due to Covid 19, our annual fundraiser & our food drives have been cancelled. Donations are desperately needed and greatly appreciated. Last year we served 52 families, currently we are serving 110. Because of COVID 19 and the loss of employment that people are experiencing, more families are in need. 100% of our donations go to our families and their pets.

Please check out our wish list on Amazon or Chewy using the links below! 

Click Here to check out NJ AniMeals' new Amazon Wishlist!  An easy and convenient way to donate! 

Did you know....$1.50 per day or $50 helps to feed one medium sized dog for one month/$1.35 per day or $40 helps to feed one cat for one month.  AniMeals is a qualified 501(c)3 charitable organization.  Gifts are tax deductible.  Please consult with your tax advisor for more information.

Imagine --  if you couldn’t feed your dog or cat and had to give your pet to a shelter!


We are happy to announce that NJ Animeals has been added as a Chewy Gives Back Charity!!  You can browse our Wish List and order right on the Chewy Website and have your gift shipped directly to our Local Distribution Center! Please Click Here>>

How You Can Help

So many of our senior citizens, disabled and shut-ins these days suffer from loneliness and isolation from the local community.  Many do not own computers or mobile phones due to the expense or because they simply do not know how to operate them.  Added to this is declining health and mobility challenges that these individuals face on a daily basis. This poor quality of life leads to a downward spiral of anxiety and depression.   


As any owner knows firsthand, it is hard to quantify the value of a pet's companionship.  Pets provide unconditional love, judgment-free friendship, a sense of connectedness, and the opportunity for owners to be the center of someone's world.   


This companionship holds magnified implications for seniors, the disabled, shut-ins and those with low-income. Pets provide a reason to be active, to get out of the house for walks, and to interact with another of God's creatures.  Pets brighten their day and in fact,  their entire world.  Pets don't lose patience with their owner due to a failing memory or health difficulties.

Unfortunately, many of these individuals are forced to choose each day between feeding themselves or feeding their pet.  Imagine the stress of not knowing where your best friend's next meal will come from- or if there will be one.

New Jersey AniMeals comes to the aid of these pet owners through home delivery of dog and cat food in Hunterdon and Warren Counties.  Our clients are extremely grateful.  

AniMeals' goal is to keep these pets at home where they can add great value to the lives of their owners.  At the same time, these pets are kept out of shelters or situations where their health and safety is at risk.


Please join us in this effort by considering a donation of cash, food or litter.  Here's how>>

New Jersey AniMeals Volunteer Opportunities>>

New Jersey AniMeals Volunteer Application>>

Our mailing address:  New Jersey AniMeals, P.O. Box 32, Stanton, NJ 08885

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